Have a read of these comments from some previous Instructor Candidates:

David F Ingham. PADI 651169 – UK

  • “I enjoyed a week of hard working, fun-filled days on Gozo doing my IDC with Colin and a small group of divers, immediately followed by the IE on Malta in March 2013.”
  • “I offer a big thank you to Colin for his thorough, professional coaching and development during the IDC. With his guidance and support, all participants on the course were ready and prepared to undertake and pass the IE on Malta first time. It became very clear at the IE that the work done on the IDC is the passport to success and that everything Colin told us had a reason. An excellent course run by an excellent course director and his staff.”
  • “I highly recommend Colin as your guide and mentor in the world of diving.”

Philip H. McNair, IDCS 630478 – UK

  • “Colin is a thorough professional, passionate about his work. His coaching and development skills in the classroom and in water are exceptional, quickly leading to effective knowledge development teaching presentations and confined and open water teaching presentations by his students.”
  • “I feel privileged to have seen the sights I’ve seen under the water and privileged to be able to introduce others to the wonders of diving – without a doubt none of this would have been possible without Colin’s guidance and mentoring. Oh, and did I mention he’s not a bad diver either!”

Graham Thurlbeck – UK

  • “It was at my Instructor Exams that I really realised how Colin’s teaching techniques had made the tests a matter of habit. There were nerves at play for sure, but through his guidance and practice on the IDC, my confidence levels just took over. Any areas that I had needed extra tuition on, he had found a way to bolster it.”
  • “Now as a Staff Instructor helping to train new instructors, it’s easy to pick out Colin’s IDC candidates at the exams – they are the ones that are more relaxed, have a polished edge of confidence, are smiling and making everybody relax and laugh.”
  • “I’ve worked full time for three dive centres abroad and have always had Colin’s advice on achieving what I wanted from a very satisfying career in diving. I still find it amazing that when I come across an impressive mentor in the diving industry, I quite often find out that Colin did their IDC too.”
  • “I would definitely recommend Colin as a Course Director both for initially becoming an instructor and for having one of the most side splitting fun times and greatest social experiences you can have. It literally is life changing and has got to be the best start for a career in diving.”

Nadine – Germany

  • “There is just to say that we had great fun during it, but more important learned everything we needed to know for our IE.”
  • “Colin prepared us exactly on the skills we needed to know for the IE.”
  • “He has a very unique way of teaching as still 5 years after, I can remember my IDC and what I had to learn.”
  • “We were very happy with him and 3 years after my sister and me completed our IDC our little brother completed his with Colin as well.”
  • “Last to say, even over the years he stayed a good friend and was there for stupid and not so stupid questions over the years. It was and is great pleasure working with him”

Heléne – Sweden

  • “You were a very nice and cool man, and that you only took small groups and no stress. Wow, that sounded so nice!”
  • “You were so easy going. You made everything seem to be easy and you were such a relaxed person. And then I knew that I would never have lasted on a “normal” IDC”
  • “Nice IDC, nice dinners, nice rum & coke (no ice!). No long days. No sleepless nights. It was just A LOT OF FUN!!! And yes, I guess this is what PADI meant when the made their slogan “Diving is fun” – also the instructor candidates should have fun! And we had that thanks to you!!!!”
  • “For me it worked really well with our little small group. I guess I was lucky, only 3 instructor candidates and 2 IDC staff”

Dorett – Germany

  • “You replied really fast and I felt like you considered me an important customer and we planned the dates and course together”
  • “I felt like we had a lot of time to practice the things we didn’t feel comfortable with, which was really helpful.”
  • “What I really liked about our IDC was the friendly atmosphere and that we worked on the skills and presentations in a team until we felt comfortable.”
  • “We furthermore had so many additional helpers, who gave many little tips and tricks, that were really helpful or that one wouldn’t think of at first.”
  • “At every point in the course you made it clear, what we would need for the IE”

Ria – Netherlands

  • “The IDC was hard work and very intense, but thanks to you it was also an enjoyable and instructive experience.”
  • “I have learned an important lesson from you: Take a genuine interest in the individual student; only then you are able to help that person to reach his or her goal. And it works. Not only does it make your job as an instructor easier, it also makes your students feel special.”

Nicolo – Italy

  • “Everyone in the course had a huge smile and great tan”
  • “Listening to Colin’s lectures and teaching underwater skills was painful! I couldn’t stop laughing! Serious risks of facial muscle paralysis”